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Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

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Good safety

Passive infrared receiving technology

Non-contact measurement, preventing cross-infection

Easy operation

Handheld design, easy operation

One-click automatic temperature measurement

Quick response

1-second measurement

 High accuracy

Advanced infrared temperature sensor, with high sensitivity

Enhanced accuracy with automatic temperature calibration

Diverse functions 

  • 20 temperature reading stored in memory
  • Forehead / Object temperature measurement
  • Fever alert, with a configurable alert threshold
  • Switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Switching between mute / un-mute mode (measuring sound notification)
  • Automatic power-off, power-saving
  • Extensive application scope
  • Applicable to all groups of people


Quick reading - Just press the work button with 1-second you will get an accurate reading result

No-contact measurement - This device uses an infrared sensor to obtain data

Backlight HD LCD display for low light and no light conditions

Audio and visual indication

Alarm sound can be turned on or off so that you can use it in a silent environment

Temperature calibration - automatically calibrates the value for a more reliable reading

Product model: JPD-FR202

Power supply: 2 alkaline AAA batteries

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