Covered Hinge Dual ROM Knee Brace L1832

Size: Small 15.5"-18.5"


Dual ROM KNEE COMPRESSION BRACE The Knee Compression dual ROM Knee Brace can help speed recovery and is adjustable for a comfortable fit. The Knee Compression Brace provides compression and support for your injured knee and is ideal for speeding recovery of ACL and MCL injuries. It features three-dimensional four way stretching with an air mesh fabric that provides compression while keeping the knee dry and comfortable.

The dual hinges can be adjusted and fixed from 0 to 90 degrees extension and 0 to 60 degrees flexion. The gel pad contours firmly to the patella, creating a massaging effect and avoiding displacement. The adjustable strap (contains latex) makes for a comfortable fit. The Knee brace is meant for patients who can load weight on the injured knee and is capable of some ambulation.

It's most often used following knee surgery. Indications: rheumatoid arthritis, post-surgical procedures, knee ligaments disruption, meniscal cartilage derangement, rupture of tendon (non-traumatic quad tendon), chondromalacia of the patella, pathalogic femur fracture, pathalogic tibia or fibula fracture, tibia or fibula stress fracture, dislocation of knee, congenital deformity of knee, knee strains or sprains, failed total knee arthoplasty.

Suggested HCPCS Code: L1832

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