Biotin PRP Kit for Hair


Hair loss can be seen in both men and women and along patients of all ages. Hair loss can be attributed to many factors, including: spot baldness or alopecia, hypotrichosis of the eyebrows or hair loss due to a metabolic condition. 

PRP is used as a natural treatment to regenerate healthy new hair growth as well as prevent further hair loss.  PRP hair restoration stimulates undersized or underactive hair follicles and encourages the production of thicker, stronger, and longer strands of hair. This treatment may be used for male and female pattern hair loss as well as inflammatory scalp conditions such as lichen planopilaris. 

PRP for hair restoration involves a simple injection of the platelets into the vascular layer of the patient’s scalp to improve hair density without surgery or harmful side effects. This non-surgical PRP hair restoration treatment offers attractive and permanent outcomes.  Results from PRP Hair Restoration include: 

  • New Hair Growth
  • Thickening of Existing Hair
  • Stronger Hair Follicles

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